Key Risks

Disclosure and Risks Warning

Regulatory Disclosure

PT Estatium Crowdfunding Investments (Estatium) operates under the strict regulations of the Financial Services Authority Indonesia.

RISK WARNING: Investments in property and unlisted shares are inherently risky. Your capital is at risk, and the returns you expect may not be realized. Investments made with borrowed money or on credit carry an even higher risk as you must meet your repayment obligations even if your investment's value declines or fails to pay back.

Investment Risk Warnings

Investing through Estatium does not mitigate the risks associated with direct, outright residential property purchases. Additional risks stem from shared ownership and the timing of your exit. We recommend diversifying your investments across multiple properties to reduce the risk associated with any single property, such as tenant default or specific property issues affecting its value.

Variable Income

Estatium provides gross rental income estimates from third-party information, but these are not guaranteed. Rental income may be lower than expected or cease altogether for periods. If a tenant fails to meet obligations, investors will see a decline in cash receipts and distribution. Property vacancies can occur, sometimes significantly affecting cash available for distribution.

Investment in real estate is speculative; property values and rental income are not guaranteed. Forecasts and past performance do not reliably indicate future performance. Market downturns can affect property valuations, and various factors including wider economic issues can impact rental and capital returns. Real estate investments are cyclical, and values may fluctuate. Legal, economic, and political issues can affect real estate values just like other asset classes. Restrictions on sales to foreign owners can limit potential buyers. A real estate market downturn could significantly affect property value, resulting in partial or complete loss and affecting income generated from the investment. Investors should assess their comfort level with these risks from the start. If the operator ceases business, investors may lose capital, incur costs, or face delays in winding up the investment.


Investors do not own the property directly; they have an interest in an entity that owns the property. As this interest is unlisted and not traded, it's considered 'illiquid', meaning it may be hard to sell due to a lack of buyers. Investors should be prepared to commit for the entire investment period.


Real estate is 'illiquid', meaning it can't always be easily sold. It may be hard to sell the property at the end of the investment period, potentially delaying capital return or resulting in a loss. While you can advertise your investment for sale to other Estatium investors, there's no guarantee of a buyer at a reasonable price (or at all). You may need to wait until the end of the investment term for an exit, which could take months depending on the property sale transaction.


Estatium does not offer investment advice. No assessment is made about the suitability of investments for investors. All information is provided for making informed decisions, and due diligence is the responsibility of the investor. If in doubt, seek independent financial advice.

Custodian Account

Client money is held in a separate account with a bank and administered by Estatium. Estatium has conducted due diligence on the bank's custodial systems and controls and deemed them appropriate for holding client money. While the bank is responsible for the safekeeping of client money to Estatium, it has no direct relationship with clients. Estatium is responsible for maintaining proper segregation of client funds. Clients are protected under client money provisions, and in events like insolvency or liquidation related to Estatium, a regulated firm, Client Money will be subject to the Client Money Distribution Rules.