Why Invest in Real Estate with Estatium?

We provide people with the opportunity to access real estate just like the top 1% of the world does, through an incredibly low entry point. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and with the support of our team, we ensure that only the best opportunities are listed on our platform. Our team continuously works to enhance your overall experience and keep you informed about the latest trends.

Check out some of our valuable features:

  • Our minimum investment requirements, starting at $1,000, are the lowest entry point into real estate.
  • You can track the performance of your investments using our interactive tool panel in your personal account.
  • You can diversify your investments across multiple properties in different countries to reduce risk.
  • We are regulated by the Financial Services Authority in each country where we operate.
  • The process is entirely digital and straightforward, allowing you to invest from anywhere in the world.

Estatium is a regulated real estate crowdfunding platform that enables people to increase their wealth by collectively investing in income-generating properties. With Estatium, users can enjoy all the benefits of direct real estate investments (i.e., owning real estate) and reduce their risks by spreading their capital across multiple properties through our digital platform. Estatium makes real estate investment simple, hassle-free, and less risky for individuals, allowing them to invest as little as $1,000.

Estatium LLC is registered in Bali, Indonesia.

How are Investments Structured in Estatium?

After the property is fully financed to 100%, Estatium LLC acquires the property on behalf of the company, and all purchase documents will be posted on the website.

Each property is divided into shares, and Estatium distributes your shares proportionally to your investments. For simplicity in calculation, if the property's value is $1 million, each share of this property is worth $1 USD. In other words, if an investor invests $1,000, they own 1,000 shares or 0.1% of the property.

You can create a diversified real estate portfolio and start earning passive income almost immediately.

Estatium is entirely digital. You can invest from anywhere in the world, and there's no need to travel.

Low minimum investment of $1,000 USD to invest in various real estate properties.

This is a hassle-free investment. You don't need to manage the property personally, and you don't need to be a real estate expert.

Who Owns the Investment Properties?

Our company is registered and regulated by the government of Indonesia. You can find the company documents on the About Us page. The company is the ultimate owner and beneficiary of the properties.

Each investor enters into an investment offer contract. Due to legal intricacies in Indonesian law and additional financial costs, investors cannot become direct owners of the real estate. For example, if you invest $1,000 in a property worth $100,000, you own a 1% share of that property, but not in direct ownership. It's held through Estatium. The remaining 99% belongs to other real estate investors like you! Collectively, you all receive dividends proportionate to your contributions.

Thanks to this mechanism, you can not only invest affordably but also reduce risk by spreading your capital across dozens of real estate properties, rather than just one (i.e., as the saying goes, don't put all your eggs in one basket!).

Whose Name Will Be on the Property Ownership Document?

Since it's impossible to list dozens of names on a single property ownership certificate due to the specific structure of the company in Indonesia, the name listed on the property ownership certificate (property title document) is Estatium LLC.

What Happens If the Funds Requested by the Seller Do Not Reach or Exceed the Target Level?

If the overall funding goal is achieved, and the investment round is completed, you will receive a notification. If the overall funding goal is not reached within the relevant timeframe, all allocated funds will be returned to your Estatium account without any fees or expenses deducted. You can then use the refunded funds for another opportunity or withdraw them entirely from your Estatium account (the choice is yours!).

Please note that if you initiate a withdrawal from your Estatium account through the Platform, we will return your funds to the bank account you used to fund your Estatium account. Exceeding the target level is not allowed by the Estatium system.

What Happens When a Significant Change Occurs That Could Impact the Value or Return on Investments?

A significant change refers to any alteration or new circumstance that could substantially affect the value of the property, the ability to rent the property, the income from the property, or the value of the investments. If a significant change occurs during the commitment period, Estatium will post detailed information about the significant change prominently on its Platform, notify committed investors about the significant change, and require them to reaffirm their commitment within 5 working days. If reconfirmation is not provided within 5 working days, the commitment will be canceled.

If a significant change occurs after the commitment period, Estatium will disclose such information along with details of the significant change, any changes in investor rights, and any steps, if applicable, that Estatium proposes to take as a result of such significant change.

What Happens If Estatium Ceases Operations for Any Reason?

All commitments to investors are backed by 100% real estate. In the unlikely event that Estatium cannot continue operating on a permanent basis, Estatium will adhere to its regulations. In the event of bankruptcy initiation, all investors will be notified via email about the closure. They will be provided with their current investment report, and the real estate will be sold at prevailing market levels. All funds will be distributed among investors proportionally to their contributions, and investors will be able to withdraw their funds to their bank accounts.

How Does Estatium Choose Properties?

The selection process is conducted using a 100-point scoring system to provide investors with only the best investment opportunities. Our team rigorously evaluates available properties and additionally engages a third-party appraisal organization before listing a property on the platform. The higher the score, the more likely the property will be listed on the site. We assess important property aspects such as size, surrounding infrastructure, maintenance fees, building quality, amenities, developer, and financial model. In summary, Estatium does all the work on your behalf, so you can sit back and relax!

Who Manages the Property When It's Rented Out?

Each of our properties is assigned a dedicated manager. All property managers are trained and operate according to our company's regulations. Estatium LLC enters into property management agreements with specialized property management companies, which are entrusted with managing the property without the right to sell it. The property management fee typically ranges from 15-20% of the gross rental income, deducted from the rental proceeds. These expenses cover advertising, property management, rent collection, tenant management, cleaning, and more. This fee does not include VAT, legal costs, and certain expenses such as standard maintenance expenses and any repair expenses.

How to Make Your First Investments with Estatium?

Using our Estatium platform, you can become a real estate investor in less than 5 minutes. All you need to do is follow these four steps: 1. Set up your account: Simply click on the registration button to fill in your details. Ensure you upload the necessary KYC documents for full verification. 2. Browse available properties: On our platform, you can explore various investment opportunities carefully selected by our team. 3. Choose the property to invest in: After reviewing all the information related to the chosen property, you're ready to invest. 4. Specify the investment amount: You can invest as little as $1,000, either by pre-funding your wallet or by directly investing in the chosen property.

Can I Decide Which Property to Invest In?

Yes, you have 100% control over your investment decisions. Estatium provides you with a market of curated and pre-analyzed options to choose from. Estatium lists property information on the platform, including general details, amenities, financial data, market data, and an independent property appraisal to assist you in making decisions. Estatium does not provide any advice or recommendations. You decide how much and in which property you want to invest.

How Can I Withdraw My Commitment to Provide Funding?

You can exercise your right to withdraw your investment within 48 hours (the "cooling-off period") from the date the Property reaches its full target funding amount by notifying us through the Platform or by sending an email to info@estatiuminvest.com. If you exercise your withdrawal rights as described above, you will have the right to withdraw the Investment Amount from the Client Money Account upon completion of the "know your customer" and anti-money laundering processes.

What Is the Maximum Amount I Can Invest?

In each Estatium investment opportunity, ownership share is capped at 24.99% to ensure that no single individual owns the entire property. However, the total amount you can invest on the platform depends on your investor type. There are two types of investors, retail investors, and professional investors.

How to increase the limit?

How do I qualify as a Professional Investor?

According to the RuleBook, an individual can be classified as a professional investor if:

- The individual has net assets of at least USD 1 million, excluding the value of primary residence. Assets that are indirectly owned can be included in the calculation and;

- Within the previous two years, the individual is or has been, an employee in a relevant professional position of an authorized firm or a regulated financial institution OR;

- The individual appears, on reasonable grounds, to have sufficient experience and understanding of relevant financial markets, products or transactions and any associated risks.

In either case, Estatium will need to verify the above information in order to classify you as a professional client.

How Much Will I Earn by Investing through Estatium?

With real estate, there are two factors that influence returns: Regular income/dividends: Rental dividends are the income generated from the property after it has been rented out. You will receive monthly rental dividends to your Estatium wallet. Potential capital appreciation: Capital appreciation occurs when the property appreciates in value over time. This means that when the property is sold in the future, your profit will be proportional to your initial investments.

What Fees Does Estatium Charge?

We believe in complete transparency when it comes to our fees, as we want you to make informed decisions.

Estatium's fee structure is structured in three different ways:

  1. Initial fee: 5%
    • When: A one-time fee upon entering each real estate investment.
    • Why: Covers expenses related to items such as conditional deposit services, anti-money laundering compliance checks, comprehensive property checks and processing, financial reporting preparation, and independent property appraisal.
  2. Exit fee: 20%
    • When: A percentage of investor profits upon selling the property or earning rental income.
    • Why: Relates to various legal and administrative management required on exit. Also associated with upgrading the investment mechanism used to protect your investments, regulatory compliance, and maintaining a secure digital platform. Creating and expanding new products on the platform, platform and mobile app support, and opening new offices in other countries.

We've designed the fee structure to be weighted toward the end result, aligning both our goals in making money.