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What is crowdfunding in real estate?

Crowdfunding in real estate is a modern approach to property financing, leveraging the collective power of many investors. Traditionally, real estate investments were the domain of wealthy individuals or institutional investors. Crowdfunding democratizes this process, allowing anyone with an internet connection to invest smaller sums into property ventures.

Globally, the trend has gained significant traction. From skyscrapers in New York to housing projects in Tokyo, properties worldwide are being financed by the collective contributions of thousands. Digital platforms serve as intermediaries, connecting developers seeking funds with investors willing to contribute. Each contributor typically receives a share or stake in the property or project, potentially earning returns from rental income or the property's appreciation.

As with any investment, there are risks. However, the worldwide embrace of real estate crowdfunding speaks to its potential, merging technological innovation with age-old property investing. This method provides an exciting avenue for diversifying portfolios and tapping into the vast world of real estate.

Estatium: Revolutionizing Real Estate Crowdfunding

Introducing Estatium, a dynamic platform that harnesses the power of collective investments to redefine real estate transactions. At Estatium, we believe in democratizing real estate investing, allowing participants to jointly fund and benefit from lucrative properties across the globe.

How It Works:

  • Collective Purchase: Pool resources with a community of investors to jointly acquire real estate. Whether it's a property still under construction or an already-established profitable asset, Estatium offers diverse opportunities.
  • Dual Strategies: We focus on two main approaches: investing in properties at the construction stage, targeting returns upon selling, and purchasing profitable assets designed for leasing.
  • Shared Ownership: As an investor, you don’t just contribute funds; you acquire a stake. Every shareholder becomes a co-owner of the property, with ownership percentages directly reflecting their individual investments.
  • Double Rewards: When your referral makes their first investment, both of you get to save up to $50 on your subsequent investments.

Our Commitment: While we facilitate these promising ventures, our fee structure remains transparent and value-driven. We charge a modest 5% commission for our platform services. Furthermore, upon successful sale or renting of the property, Estatium retains 20% of the post-tax profits, ensuring that our interests are intrinsically aligned with those of our investors. Join Estatium today and step into the future of collective real estate investment!


Estatium boasts a team of dedicated professionals united by a shared vision. Our experts span diverse backgrounds in real estate, finance, and technology, ensuring a holistic approach to property crowdfunding. Committed to excellence and innovation, we work tirelessly to offer unparalleled opportunities for our investor community. Join us on this transformative journey in global real estate.